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Thursday, 2 August 2007

Borneo Suckers Mating

I used to have one of these fish. They are sold as coldwater species but can live in temperatures up to 75F 22C.

Mine wasn't nearly as brightly coloured as these. She was dark green ~ variable to light green (yes she was a chamaeleon fish!) depending on mood. Also she was way flatter than these Borneos. They have a sucker-type underside (hence the name) and look like a snail when they sit on the glass in front of you. My one, Nubia, used to sleep upside down stuck to a bit of slate. The only way you could catch her was by picking up that slate. As she was the last one left in the petshop's totally empty plantless, furniture-free tank and it took them nearly half an hour to catch her. She was flying around like a piece of rapidly animated ribbon. Never in my life have I seen a fish move so fast.

Borneo suckers are also known as highland loaches

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