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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Owen and Mzee: Hippo and Tortoise

2 animals who found comfort together, aparently after Owen was orphaned by the tsunami of a few years ago...

They were in a zoo and do you know what the EVIL ZOOKEEPERS BROKE UP THIS RELATIONSHIP AND SEPARATED THEM because it was "not natural"... well neither is electricity but I bet you still light up your houses. Heartless BASTARDS! :-<...

Oh OK correction: they were moved to an animal park where they met ANOTHER HIPPO and made a menage a trois.

So the other thang, the EVIL ONE must have happend in Kenya's zoo.... I know this must be true because I heard so on BBC Radio and if I'd have thought it'd have made any difference I'd have written in but probably they cannot read letters in English out there anyhow as they all speak "Key-Swahili"

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